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About the Team

Larry Weiss, Marketing

Larry has been a partner since the beginning of Webdesygner and assists with marketing, outreach for new clients, and hands on with all aspects of customer maintenance. 

Lauren Weiss, CEO and Founder

Founder and CEO of Webdesygner, Lauren has been in the graphic design industry for over 20 years. Expert in CSS, HTML5, PHP, Javascript, and all aspects of graphic design and video production.

We are a small design agency located in California. Owned and operated by Lauren Weiss, a graphic designer with over 20 years of experience, her primary focus has been webdesign, logo creation and video production. Having worked for a software company for over 15 years, Lauren takes pride in providing quality customer service, attention to detail and commitment to getting the project done right according to the clients' needs and objectives.
With a passion for coding in HTML5, CSS, Javscript, PHP, Bootstrap and all forms of graphic and video design, Lauren started designing websites when Netscape first hit the internet back in the late 1990's. Now, most people have never heard of Netscape, but it was the primary web browser until Internet Explorer was bundled with the installation of Microsoft (learn more here.)  Now with multiple ways of putting a website together, different platforms from basic HTML, and Bootstrap to WordPress, the challenge and joy of creating a website and publishing it to the world wide web is just exciting as ever. 

Always expanding her skills and staying ahead of the curve of technology, Lauren also enjoys creating business promotional videos and graphic animations to add to her repertoire.  If you are interested in a professional, yet affordable video or logo for your business, check out her sister site: 1StopVideos to view a full line of professional video commercials and animated logos perfect for business owners and marketers.

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